We will always have Barcelona

Wilson's Hospital School

Dear Mum,

I trust that you are well.

I’ve taken my pen to tell you about some of the exciting adventures that Emma and I have experienced in Barcelona. We arrived safely yesterday morning. As we stepped off the cramped plane, a wave of heat rushed through my tangled hair. After rushing to the adequately furnished hotel to drop off our bags, we anticipatedly stepped into the spectacular Spanish culture. We skipped along La Rambla, gazed upon Park Guell and ate Tapas overlooking La Sagrada Familia. The adrenalin pumped in my veins however my legs told me that it was soon time to go back to the hotel. We were just outside the Picasso Museum when Emma began complaining about her sore feet. You remember that I told her that those red patent high heels were unsuitable for this holiday however she insisted that they would be comfortable and perfect in photos! After much bickering, she decided to sit in a café nearby sipping an ice – tea as I enjoy everything that the Picasso Museum has to offer. The art took my breath away, you would have loved it. As I was gazing at “The Mad” when a dark-haired figure stood beside me. He began talking softly about the structure of the painting and the colours. I soon became impressed with his knowledge of the painter. We began a friendly conversation about Barcelona as I felt his hazel brown eyes gaze upon my face. This may sound crazy and you may give out to me, but I felt a sudden attraction to him like a magnet. The next few hours feels like a dream as I think back. Himself and his friend took Lucinda and I on a tour around Barcelona on little red Vespas and ate ice-cream overlooking the sunset fading upon the beach. Philip, the dark-haired beauty told me how he thought I was the most beautiful girl he ever lay eyes on. As the evening drew to a close, we exchanged contact details and he walked away like a distant memory. We never heard from them for the rest of the holiday, but we were so busy touring around Barcelona that we didn’t mind. As we sit on the plane somewhere above Spain at the moment, I was reading an inflight magazine when I recognized the figure on the cover. It was my Philip! He is the Prince of Spain. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It feels like a movie. I’ll probably be home by the time this letter reaches you however I had to tell you this way as my phone is on aeroplane mode so I cannot call you! So many thoughts are rushing through my mind at this moment.

I hope that we will have the chance to meet again however we will always have Barcelona.

Lots of Love,

Amelia x