Waves of Words

Scoil Dara

Dear Colleen,

How are the girls? I’ve already picked out presents to bring home with me, but don’t tell them that! I hope everything is okay at home, I know you haven’t been well. This trip so far has been amazing, there’s so much to talk about! Gorgeous! The Cliffs of Moher were absolutely gorgeous! After the flight of concrete steps, we set off strolling along the rugged landscape. We couldn’t have picked a better day to explore this geographical gem since the sun was beating down and made the air warm and the water glisten. The ocean and the sky alike were blazingly blue, and the view made for a picturesque snapshot of nature, like something straight off the front of a postcard! At first, I made sure to capture as many pictures as I could with my phone and felt identical to almost every passer-by who was armed with a camera, but soon I realized I should be more present and take in the atmosphere surrounding me. As you know, I had always heard good things about the cliffs but, it felt surreal to just stop and look at the vast expanse of sea ahead. I’m not even afraid of heights but, would you believe that my heart was in my mouth as I saw couples teetering recklessly over the edge to simply take a selfie, or when I spotted thrill-seekers balancing from the height just to show off. The ground got rockier as the bends of the trail meandered on and people formed a single-file to make their way further. The trek was quite steep and tiring, but the crisp summer’s breeze was refreshing. We came across a grassy bank and decided to laze there for a while. While rejuvenating ourselves with the juice and biscuits my mother insisted we pack, the waves below crashed against the stony ruins and the sound was splendidly calming. I moved to a ridge closer to the cliff side, and perched there, I stared out at the sea, buzzing with its dormant strength. I lost myself in the mesmerizing beauty of the scene before me, all distractions dissolved and my eyes studied the fluid movement of the tide- flowing, lapping, gurgling. The dreamy sea and its rhythmic pulse had lured me into a trance. I peered up at a bird soaring elegantly around the walls of rock and then swooping downwards to glide along the water, its reflection floating beneath it. The creature’s noisy caw echoed into the wind and brought me back to my senses. We gathered ourselves and began to follow the route back. On the way, I thought about how I’d write you this letter. I know how much you love the ocean and how much you would have loved this too. I hope you’re feeling better and I promise, once you’re strong enough again, I’ll take you here.

Lots of love,