Three weeks in Europe

Presentation P.S, Clonmel

15th July 2026

Dear Parents,

I’m really enjoying these three weeks in Europe. I’ve been in nearly every country and I’m currently in Athens, Greece. The weather is amazing, and the views are just jaw-dropping. It’s perfect for denim shorts, sunglasses and a t-shirt. While I’m writing this, I’m sunbathing by the pool with a glass of lemonade. This is the life! I wanted to relax a little after the exhausting hike I had this morning. I want to enjoy the next two days before I fly over to Ankara, Turkey. I can’t wait to try the different food and listen to the traditional music. I doubt anything will beat the pizza I’ve tried in Italy. I wish I could eat such food every day. Meeting Queen Elizabeth II in London was an exceptional experience. In France I got the perfect picture of the Eiffel Tower (and ate some croissants too!) While I was in those countries I learnt way more than I would ever in school. What languages, traditions, Geography and History. Just wait until I come back home, I’ll kill you with random facts! I really miss you guys!

Love from your loving daughter,

Kinga  xxx