This is the one

Douglas Community School

My Dearest Jane,

You always liked it when I said your name all fancy like that. Anyway, babe, this is the one. I saw a really cool painting when I was in the city, the detail was something to behold as if there were smaller paintings inside the piece. It couldn’t have been four-foot corner to corner. I missed you then. I missed you a lot, actually. Walking the small winding streets, with, I’ll admit less than accommodating smells. I wanted nothing more than to have your warm, strangely small hands (you should really get those checked Janey) in my stupid, clumsy palms. The nightlife here is crazy too. It’s almost as if the whole place changes. A hectic yet refined city by day, an even more hectic mess by night (the city is a superhero it’s right up your alley). There is noise everywhere and bars appear out of thin air, and the people there are mental, for here anyway, nothing like back in Cork. It really isn’t on the same level as that one time we found an English guy outside the roundy and he was trying to start a fight with the first paddy who’d fancy it. Do you remember one cute auld fella had him up on a chair, making him sing, had the drunk convinced no one would fight him unless he’d sing a song? You told me you loved me that night. Of course, I said it back even better, smoothest caffler on the street your mom called me, three minutes before threatening me with the wooden spoon for helping with the dishes. I really think you’d like it here Janey, You’d love all of its quirks, and there are plenty of dogs here too, they walk the streets like they own the place. Big ones small ones, some wildly wanting of hugs and some, some not so much. I did the right thing don’t worry, I tried my best to help them, carried a bottle with me all the time so they wouldn’t go thirsty in the heat. I’m a right good samaritan so I am. Of all the things, that made me miss you the most babe. At the moment I’m really scared about what could happen to you. I’ve been lying here for the past twenty minutes with this damned pen in my hand, considering was I right to tell you. But, this is the one. I got jumped 2 hours ago, they took everything I have, and nobody wants to help me. I’m so alone here. My wounds aren’t doing me too good either. I really thought we were it. The ones who’d live forever together, the happy couple sitting out on the porch, grandkids running around and with nothing but a feeling of accomplishment.

But I’m dying here, and the ring I bought you yesterday isn’t going to do much, but I hope you like it. It’s in the envelope.

I’m sorry babe, this is the one.

I love you.