There’s a Moose on the Loose

Ard scoil Na nDéise

Letter from Canada

Log Cabin,




Dear Rose,

Greetings from Canada! How are you? I hope that you are enjoying yourself back in Ireland. I simply must tell you about my strange adventure! I was relaxing in the lovely log cabin I was staying in. It was such a stunning evening with the sky glowing with streaks of pink, red and orange. It was a proper Indian summer evening. I decided to go for a small evening walk in the forest. Off I went kicking away the brown maple leafs. I saw squirrels hopping from tree to tree and I even saw two caribou deer before they leapt out of sight. All was going well until I came face to face with a huge, majestic but fierce looking moose! It didn’t look too happy and I was scared to move in case I angered it. After what seemed like a lifetime I decided that I had to do something. Avoiding eye contact I backed away slowly. The moose saw my movement, shook his large antlers and charged at me full speed! Running for my life, I raced through the forest until I arrived at a glorious baby blue lake. The moose was still behind me so, panicking I leapt  head first into the lake. The water was ice cold so it took me a while to recover from the shock. When I finally surfaced from the water I noticed that the moose was gone. I swam to the shore of the lake and I set off to search for my cabin praying that I won’t run into any bears. I thankfully found the log cabin just before night fell. As soon as I got into the cabin I changed into my pajamas and made myself a hot chocolate. Sitting next to the crackling fire I fell asleep dreaming of flying moose. Halfway through the night I woke up with a start because  I could hear a pack of wolves howling. Feeling sorry for whatever animal was being hunted, I climbed into my bed and once more fell asleep. I have to stop writing now as the the guide is waiting in his van to take me to the train station so that I can take the train to the city so that I can stock up on food.

Bye for now!

From, Moya