The Suitcase Scenario

Ard Scoil na nDéise, Dungarvan, Waterford

The Suitcase Scenario

Convent Road,


County Waterford,


17th May 2019

Dear family,

How are you all getting on at home? Have you got any news? I’m on my way to Australia now, I have quite a long story for you! Perhaps you’re wondering how I’m getting on, so i’ll tell you about it…   We had a 3 hours stopover at Hong Kong on the way over, of course. I was excited about that although I was exhausted at this point. I stepped outside the airport with a small backpack. Then I phoned a taxi to come pick me up and bring me to the city while I waited to get back on the plane. A few minutes later the taxi arrived. I got in and told the driver where to bring me, he was friendly. I chatted about going to Australia and meeting my family over there. The driver dropped me off soon later at a restaurant and I thanked him.

I went into the restaurant to get some food, I was starving! I sat at a table by the window and a waitress came to take my order and asked me to pay, so I reached for my purse in my suitcase. “Oh no!” I cried. I realised I had left my suitcase on the plane, with all my belongings! I rushed to call the taxi again, but I stopped and remembered I had no money left in my pocket. This was a disaster. “ How could I have forgotten my suitcase?” I asked myself. I had no way of transport; I could miss the plane or even worse the plane could have left with my suitcase!

I decided that I’d have to run to get back in time, so off I ran through the city towards the airport, hoping I wouldn’t get lost. I had to stop running and started to walk because I came to a crowd of busy people and ended up bumping into a lot of them, I apologised each time but I was starting to panic in case I missed my flight and lost my suitcase! I continued on down through the city as I came closer to the airport. I’d seen a dark alleyway. It seemed like a shortcut so I took the chance and went down there.

It was a bad choice, I could barely see. I was led to a corner and it was pitch black. I couldn’t see anything, not even my own hand in front of my face, suddenly I was overcome with fear. How was I going to get out? I heard something squeak. I jumped. I rummaged frantically in my bag, looking for my phone. Hoping it would give some light and I could find my way out. Some sort of animal must have hit me next, startled, I screamed and ran off down the first passageway. I was so relieved when i could see lights once again, and it was the airport, finally!

I rushed inside the door and saw that my flight was leaving in 20 minutes. I pushed and shoved my way through all the people anxiously, I had, had enough. I didn’t even want to go to Australia anymore. I didn’t want to be in Hong Kong. I just wanted to go home and home is wherever my family is. “stay calm” I muttered. “I can go find my bag and go to Australia and meet my family there. I searched for my suitcase. It was not there. I panicked, what was I supposed to do? I turned around again and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my family! They had come to meet me as a surprise and guess what? they had my suitcase! I was over the moon! I was so glad to finally be able to relax! We got on our flight just in time and I told them all about my journey and I’ll tell you all more when I come back!