The strangest Thing…

Lucia Murphy

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m in the middle of a very important mission with Ciara. The strangest of things happened. I don’t know how to start. But this is what happened. At first when we went onto the plane everyone was asleep. Myself and Ciara were very confused. It was not just one or two having a nap,everyone seemed to be in a very deep sleep. All was quiet apart from a few snores here and there when suddenly a stewardesses came over to us. She didn’t say anything, just handed a glass of some funny looking water. She told us to drink it or else we won’t reach our destination. Ciara looked at me nervously. What should we do should we run away and scream for help or should we do what we were told. We didn’t have time to decided she threw the liquid into our mouths and that was it…we were,like everyone else in a deep deep sleep. I opened my eyes,something felt very peculiar. I had a look around and realized I was surrounded by twenty or so little dwarfs. Just then I realized that Ciara wasn’t beside me. I looked to my left and there sitting beside me was another dwarf. I screamed. Then the dwarf sitting beside me screamed. ‘Aahhhhh’ shouted the dwarf, ‘Who are you’. ‘Ahhhhh’ I screamed back, ‘who are you?’. I asked you first said the tiny dwarf. I’m Sophie, now who are you and where am I? I replied. ‘Wait’ said the dwarf ‘but what ARE you?’ What do you mean what am I. I’m a girl. ‘No your not said the dwarf. Look in this mirror. She handed me the mirror. I was not a girl anymore. I was a little short dwarf just like everyone else around me. ‘Ahhhhhhhhh’ I screamed. What? Who? When? But before I could say anything else I was back. Back on the plane in my seat, sitting beside Ciara. Ciara looked at me. What just happened? I said. I don’t know said Ciara. We have to find that lady who gave us that drink, lets go. So now were back to the now.I’m here under a seat writing this to you while Ciara is coming up with a plan.

Wish us luck and I’ll keep you updated as much as I can.

Lots of Love,

Your daughter, Sophie.