The road home

Duiske collage

Hello to everyone at home,

I hope you are all in the best of health. I know it’s been an age since I’ve written to you but you’ll never believe what I’ve seen on my travels! Have you ever seen a land where waters flow upstream and fish swim in the sky? What about the eyes the cry the rain or lungs that exhale the wind? I thought not. But I’m telling you that just beyond the horizon is a land of awe and wonder. On my travels I have seen things you may think are impossible. There are many beauties in the world if you’d only open your eyes. Hidden in plain sight are life’s greatest monuments. Kingdoms of unremarkable creatures and plants that radiate colour. I have met many creatures with many faces while wandering through tranquil lands. Some with painted expressions while others had faces of stone. Some spoke with metallic voices while others with the delicacy of a humming bird. Such diversity in every corner of the earth, no two beings the same each has defining characteristics. No creature better than another, some species as old as the timeless mountains, some as strong as the rock of which the mountains are made, while others bind the earth together like the spine mountains hang upon. The further I walk down this path the more worn it gets with every step. I think sometimes we forget how much we depend on each other. Without dark there is no light, no sound without silence and no courage without fear. Such opposites allow our existence. I have walked the path to the highest peak and delved deep into the lowest places on earth where many demons hide but none as ferious as those who walk above ground. While stumbling through the winding tunnels and crawling around empty caverns blind I found the rarest of jewls and minerals. When standing on the summit of life’s largest obsticals, I looked down at the world to see it completely obscured. My eyes wandered down the uneven trail I came from and felt a surge of power and accomplishment. The snow beneath my feet melting away, reflecting the places I’ve been. Now I sit surrounded by my memories, admiring the rolling hills painted with the colours of autumn. The wind whistling gently. No longer do I feel the bitter cold of tremendous heights or the damp of underground. I can finally sleep with no worries to weigh me down. I have learned many things but if I had to give you one peice of advice, if tell you to put yourself out there. There’s a lifetime of opportunity’s waiting for you. I can’t say when I’ll return, there’s still so much left to discover. I wish you the best in your adventures, I hope you find everything your looking for. Although our paths may be never cross,you’ll walk down a difrent path and encounter different obsticals remember all roads lead home like all rivers flow back to the sea.

From your faithful friend,