The mountain

John Scottus NS

Dear Kelly,

Today I woke up in a quiet tent. I could hear the sound of the lake beside me almost hushing me back to sleep. I unzipped the tent and as I walked out I heard  the crisp crunch of the autumn leaves beneath me. I desperately wanted to touch the azure sky-like lake, but like a trance I started to rouse and gain full consciousness. I turned around to see my desolate tent and the picturesque gentle mountains behind it. Somehow I knew that if  I had touched that tranquil, calm lake that it would not have been so calm and tranquil after.

As I reached the mountains peak a few hours later I looked beneath me at the marvellous scene surrounding me. The sky was a sulky grey and I could feel the wind blowing through my hair. When I started making my way back down the breathtaking mountain I acknowledged the stender trees around me closing in, the mist hovering on top of the lake grew thicker to the point where I was struggling to see a foot in front of me. This trip has been very different from what I had anticipated but that is not to say that I have not learnt alot from this trip, I have learnt to live every day like it is your last because you never know which will be your last. I am looking forward to telling you more when I get back.

Until then,

Sincerely, Ellie xxx