The Moon

John Scottus NS

The Moon

Dear Mom and Dad

The dark and lonely feeling of despair haunts me every night. The wide and deep crater shadows fill me with anguish as I fall asleep on the moon’s sorrowful surface.

Being in outer space would entice and amaze anyone, unfortunately right now, I would do anything to be back on Earth. They say “ the view never gets old,” but surveying our bleak and never-ending universe, has made me realise that we often take for granted the simplest of things on Earth.   From here, the Earth seems like a speck of dust moving through space; on the brilliant background that is our Milky Way Galaxy. The shiny and radiant sunlight hovers in my eye. The white and flakey dust dashes around my foot every step I take. The bizarre feeling of stepping on the moon’s massive craters almost makes me feel nauseous.

I was sent on this mission as a plan B but the numerous years I’ve been here nothings changed and it seems more and more like it’s our plan A. The trail left imprinted on the moon’s surface when our rockets landed reminds me of the carbon footprint left on Earth by the deadly cars we drive everyday. It reminds me of the green, blue and white shades of home which we may not live to see much longer.

Sincerely your son