The Man Who Bought the Island

Scoil Mhuire, Cora Finne, Co. Clare

Greetings from New Knocknalower.

Dear Mam.

That lad who won the lotto must be loaded. The place is beautiful apart from the landmark (which I’m not sure is landmark) is named after the amount of All-Irelands Mayo have won so it’s just a couple of old rocks. I can’t believe no-one lived here before your man bought it. The sea twinkles like crystals from a chandelier. The beach is as white as snow. I was watching some sport from my bamboo balcony. It’s like volleyball but with a hurley and sliotar. Jim from down the road would be very good at it. I took a little bike taxi at night and when it’s moonlit the place is absolutely jaw-dropping. The waves are like brush strokes from a painting. Each window on the main street has a candle on the sill and they did a great job on the curry chips altogether. This will get a four and a half stars because the monkeys stole my watch, but still a very good review on Trip Advisor. In a couple of days, I’ll get a boat back to the Bahamas and then I’ll fly home.

I’ll see you in a few days.

From your son,