The Magical Forest

Scoile Mhuire, Corofin, Co. Clare

Hello Mum and Dad

It’s wonderful here and it feels like a different world. All the different fruits and plants here in the Amazon Rain forest are a sight to behold. The water falls here are amazing. I want to stay here forever but I have to come home in a couple of days. There are so many different animals here as well. It’s so warm then it’s raining and then its so warm it’s amazing how the whether can change so easily. It is wonderful when its raining because you can see this place differently and its so nice just watching the rain falling off the leaves on the huge plants and trees. I like when it rains because it is so relaxing even though I should be sick of the rain because of home but is so pleasing to watch. Everyday we go on a walk a different way each time and something new is always around the corner. There are a lot of new places to see every day and last week something amazing happened. We ran into a tribe last week and it was really cool because they made there own clothes and they hunted for their food. We are staying in a tree house which is cool and scary at the same time. It is made from bamboo its looking out at a amazing waterfall and yesterday I spent two hours just looking at it. Now we are going to a rock pool and plan to go swimming. I am happy I brought my swimming shorts.

I will be back soon bye for now.