The Life In A Celebrities Shoes

St. John of Gods NS, Passage Road, Waterford

Dear Gang,

You will never believe what I’m going to tell you. While going through security this morning to board my flight to L.A there was a sudden outburst of screaming. I turned to see what was going on only to see groups of teenagers pointing and smiling at me !! What had I done ?? I heard “Ariana Ariana”. They actually thought I was Ariana Grande. Can you believe that?? Before I knew it, the security guards had rushed me straight through to boarding . These screaming Ariana fans were still calling after me excitedly. I tried to tell the security I was Grace not Ariana!  However, they still ushered me through like my personal security guards. You would be so jealous of me guys because I was then upgraded to first class. The seats were reclining leather heated seats and there was  a bottle of champagne cooling in ice and sweet treats in abundance!!! It didn’t stop there. Who was beside me only the infamous Usain Bolt, followed by all the Little Mix stars in seats behind me. Little me, Grace Fanning in amongst all these celebrities on a flight to L.A . I was the center of attention telling them how I had ended up in this situation . They loved it, Usain Bolt with his unmistakable infectious laugh thought it was class (excuse the pun ) This was the best flight I ever had, singing with Little Mix and getting running tips off  Usain Bolt. And to top that off, Usain Bolt is bringing me to the Little Mix concert tomorrow night in L.A . Backstage passes for us celebrities !!

All I can say is “WOW”…..

Love Grace