The Landscape of The Anarchic

Gaelcholaiste luimnigh

The Landscape of The Anarchic Dear Mom and Dad,

I wanted to let you guys know how crazy the Anarchic is. I just can’t seem to understand how the Arctic just changed so suddenly. I mean I can still remember as a child going down to the Arctic to see the nuclear power plant being built, it was mesmerizing to watch the single plant that was going to be our worlds big green battery. I mean it still is it’s just that the weather is definitely not like it is in Ireland ye would hate the sudden change in the landscape, one minute there is a huge mountain of snow in front of you next minute it’s just a huge lake that’s lukewarm ready for anyone to swim in. It’s kind of sad to see what our power plant has done, but then it’s good because the rest of the world benefits and doesn’t have these weather conditions. I got a new job which pays three times more than my old job. Ryanair was good but the work conditions and pay were horrendous compared to Aer Lingus. Apparently, they used to be just an airline company whose standards were high. Now they are a climate control company who uses their technology to change certain spots in the Anarchic. Now before ye go worrying about me all I have to do is work at air traffic control for the meantime. Just so ye know air traffic control is where I manage the planes that are coming in and out. It is a very important job otherwise the planes would be flying in upside down and doing barrel rolls when they are landing and I don’t think anyone would want thousand euro planes just being destroyed because no one would be bothered to think about having one person to organize the takeoffs and landings. Apparently, they used to do this even when they were just an airline company.

Anyway, I love ye and if ye ever want to visit me I can get a free flight arranged.

Your Loving son,