The Hills of Killarney

Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh

The Hills of Killarney

Dear Sinéad

The first day that we were in Killarney we went hiking. Killarney has many great hills and mountains. The first area we visited was called the waterfall. Its was such a delight to see this huge wall of water cascading down the fall in the hill. The waterfall is a very popular tourist attraction. Afterwards, we went up Strickeen Mountain. The mountainous terrain was very steep and rocky,very hard to climb. Along the way we passed a bird eating berries of a bush. As we watched the little bird flew up to a little hole in one of the trees. The bird made several of these trips to and from the tree. It was gathering food for its young. Further on we stumbled upon a magnificent sight. A herd of deer were grazing on the hillside! Their coats were glistening all shades of red and gold. As we moved closer to get a better look one of the herd noticed us and they all scattered. As we neared the peak we could hear birds calling to one another. As we watched bird of all colours and shapes swooped down,up,left and right. When we reached the summit we were not disappointed. The view of the whole valley beneath us, the other mountains around and the calls of the animals was completely amazing. The next day, we went to Killarney falconry. It is a place where wild birds are trained. The man there told us lots about various birds and where they came from. Then we went on a walk to see the birds in action. The hawk soared into the air and it was such a delight to behold. The man sent the hawk hunting and it came back with a wild rabbit. I have enjoyed every day here so far and think I will enjoy the rest.

Love your brother,