The First Of Many

Laura McMahon

To you,

if you’re reading this, it’s meant for you, I would go on explaining what this letter is but I know you know that already. I know you like to have clarity on everything, your mother tells me, she tells me quite a bit about you it’s how I knew you were here, every Sunday at 2:00. So for the unnecessary clarity, this is who you know by Quendlinton. That is my surname, but as of now until what I have planned on the 13th of June 2027, I go by the alias of ‘Juniper Garrilot’.  If you receive another letter on the 13th of June each consecutive year leading up to 2027 you shall know everything is still going ahead. I believe your mother is in Killarga at the moment “work trip”. You knew something was up. I believe you are old, smart and strong enough at this point in your life to know the truth.  Your mother and I have been in some trouble. That is the reason I “abandoned” you. I did the opposite. I left to take the heat off your mother, deal with the troubles myself, leave ye the life ye deserved. I have been…away, and up until 2 years ago, everything was going according to plan.  Then, you got sick. Your mother thought you were on death’s door, I had told her if ye ever needed me, she knew where I was. Your mother got in contact with me and I had to somehow leave to see my daughter one last time. I struck a deal with…” them” and it left us in even more debt. It would have been impossible to pay off without becoming a murderer, so, we found another way. In the next few days, you will hide this letter. You know that box, our special box, you know where. The password is your birthday. Hide this there. If it ever is found you need to report to your uncle William.  In the next few weeks, you will discover your true mission behind this letter. You will have to wait twelve months for your oh so beloved clarity but until then, go with your gut.

I believe in you.

Kindest regards,

From you know who.