The Dream Letter

Glenamaddy Community School

One Ocean Drive,

Paradise Island,

The Bahamas.

28th March 2019

Dear Mum, Dad, and Katie,

Greetings from the golden sands in Paradise Island, The Bahamas. I am currently writing to you whilst sitting on a luxurious beach. Could life get any better?

At the moment, it’s not too hot. Its possibly around 24°C here. Hopefully it will get hotter throughout the day. We were promised that it will reach higher temperatures of 27°C later!                       The hotel that I am staying at is lovely. It’s called ‘The Ocean Club’. I think it is a part of the ‘Four Seasons’ hotel range? It’s a gorgeous hotel. It has five stars also. The room that I am staying in is a luxury beachfront room. I have amazing views of the beach from my window and I can step out onto my very own private balcony to get an even better view!

The food is to die for! Although I’m not surprised considering the price of it all. They supply complimentary breakfast and dinner for each day. I really do feel spoilt! I’m also excited to try all the other exotic foods over here. For example, I’ve heard of a food called ‘Souse’. It’s apparently like a salad over here?

Every day I get up at a reasonably early time to make sure that I use the hours of my day to my full extent. As you know, I only got here yesterday morning, however, I wasn’t tired at all because I slept on the flight over. Did you know, Aer Lingus flights are so relaxing? I was very impressed for my first time flying with them. Anyway, when I got here yesterday, I went straight to the hotel. I unpacked everything, got something small to eat, and then let the holiday begin!

I started by going to the beach, it isn’t far from here, maybe like a five-minute walk. Let me tell you, the beaches here are stunning! I am completely in love with them.

Today, I’ve started my day off at the beach again. I have also planned to go on a bus tour of the city Nassau. It doesn’t cost much to go, maybe like twenty euro. There will also be plenty of time to go shopping in between the stops at each place. I can’t wait to try all the different brands over here. I’ll even bring you all back a souvenir each!

Tomorrow, I am hoping to go to the waterpark that I’ve seen adverts for.  It looks very good and I looked it up and it’s not that expensive at all.

For the rest of the days, I’ll just go with the flow and see what happens. I can’t wait to see you all again and I wish you were here! I’ll be here for another three weeks soaking up the sun.                   Talk to you all soon! I’ll take loads of pictures!