The Dream Holiday

Scoil Mhuire Strokestown

A Letter Home – The Dream Holiday

Mr and Mrs. Pawelec




10 /05/2019

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am so incredibly excited to tell you all about this holiday that I am currently on. It was the best surprise ever! As you know on my birthday I woke up to a plane ticket to Iceland from my best friend. I was super excited and grateful. The next day I was already on the plane to my dream destination, I couldn’t hold the excitement. The flight over was breath taking itself I must say, the views of flying over the glaciers and the sun hitting of them, it just can’t be described. We arrived at the airport at around 4pm. We got all of our luggage and headed for our Airbnb. It was a wooden hut down by a little lake. The whole place was magical. I couldn’t believe that I was actually in Iceland and that I was going to be staying here for a whole week. As you know I would always talk about Iceland being on my bucket list since I was young and now I finally got the chance to be here. The whole week was already planned with activities for me. To start of my trip we spent the first day just driving around the local village. The second day we drove down to the glaciers, there we rented some kayaks and went kayaking in between the glaciers. That was another thing that I could cross of my bucket list. We spent nearly three hours in the kayaks. Thankfully the weather was really nice too, it was a bit chilly but it was sunny. The next day we took a road trip down to Geysir, a geyser in southwestern Iceland. This was my first time ever seeing an active geysers with hot spring eruptions. On our way back we came across a really beautiful beach and to my surprise that was where we were heading the next day. Therefore the next day we got ready and went straight to the beach, we strolled around for a while but didn’t get in the water because it was freezing. On the trip we also have planned something that if you are in Iceland you need to do, that being enjoying a natural treatment at The Blue Lagoon. Everyone always says good things about that place so my best friend made sure to book it for us for one of the days. Today, which is our second last day we went hiking through Skaftafell Nature Reserve. Unfortunately, we have only one day left but I still don’t know what we are doing tomorrow because it’s a surprise. This trip has been incredible so far but there is only one day left unfortunately. We must definitely come on a family holiday down here some year. I could even show you all around. I must go now but I can’t wait to see ye all soon and tell you all about it in person.

Lots of love,