The Delay

Gorey Community School
Port of Holyhead,
                                                                                                                       15th March 2018.
I’m here in Wales, after travelling from Gatwick airport and I’m sure you’re wondering why. Let me explain. We travelled from Gambia overnight landing in Gatwick this morning. Tired and starving, we hopped off the plane and went in search of food before our flight home. When it was time to go to our gate, we were told our flight was cancelled because of snowy conditions in Ireland.
I broke down into tears and searched for a payphone to ring you. All I wanted was to see a familiar family face. After spending 3 weeks in Gambia, in the hot humid weather, with a smell that was worse than the boys changing room, flooding the abandoned town, and rats the size of cats in Ireland, freely roaming the streets, all I wanted to do was go home. My jaw was quivering with the cold in Gatwick, I was in a strappy top and shorts after coming from the 35-degree heat. I brought one hoodie in my case, but I gave it to one of the small sick children over there. This meant I had no clothes. We were then told by the teachers that they had found a flight to Cork, but half of the group had to go on one flight and the other half had to go on another flight. Sarah and I got split up which made everything worse as I hadn’t left her for the whole three weeks and I was terrified of flying.
About ten minutes later we were informed that all flights to Ireland were cancelled.
The only option left was to get a four-hour train to Holyhead so we could get the ferry home. After following Mr Forest’s footsteps, we ended up outside the train station. We got on and after a long four hours, we got to Holyhead in Wales. We got into the queue which was as long the river Nile. We waited for four hours to get to the top. Five people went through with their tickets, but straight away they returned to the rest of the group in tears. They told us that the ferry was cancelled because of the bad weather.
We were devastated and starving. We hadn’t eaten since that morning and it was now 8 pm. We had no pounds as we weren’t expecting to stay in England for this long.
There is one boat left to leave today, but we have to wait until 3 am to get it. That means we have to wait seven hours. The teachers found a place to get food and they bought pizzas for the group to share. That wasn’t the best idea because there is now a queue for the bathrooms and a stink that is worse than the streets of Gambia.
That brings me to now. I’ll see you in Dun Laoghaire in the morning,
Siobháin x