The bird that couldn’t fly

Coláiste Ailigh, Cnoc Na Móna, Leitir Ceanainn, Co.Dhún Na Ngall, Donegal,
The bird that couldn’t fly
It was a warm summer’s day and a hatchling was born. The little baby hatchling was called Willow. There was joy everywhere. There were other families gathered around this little family. Days passed and Willow was getting on great, eating, walking and communicating with others.
A month passed and little Willow had not started to fly, which was unusual. Willow parents, Amy and Bill, began to worry. Why was she not beginning to fly? Was there something wrong with her?
Bill and Amy let another two weeks pass, and still, there was no improvement. Something was seriously wrong. They decided to try and get a fellow friend to help her with this important life skill. Without this skill, she would struggle to get food and fly away from danger. Without this skill, she would struggle to SURVIVE.
The friend Bill and Amy had chosen to help was Bill’s father, Edward. He was an expert in flying and had escaped many eagles. He knew everything about flying. He once applied for the bird army but was denied as he had a weakness in his foot. He was the perfect friend and they could not get anybody better.
Willow’s training started the next day. Bill and Amy did not want to lose any time. Edward started off with basic wing movements to stretch her wings. Willow found this strange and couldn’t understand why her grandfather and parents were doing this. She asked many questions as to why they were doing this. Edward, Bill and Amy all gave the same answer, ‘So you can fly’. Willow was hard-working, concentrated, focused and determined. The reason she was extremely determined to succeed was because all her friends in the neighbourhood were already flying. Willow dreamed of the day she would fly.
Edward and Willow trained every day for three weeks straight. Three hours every day. Everybody was so hopeful. Willow had now become the talk of the town. Everybody was rooting for her. But after the three weeks and all the training, there was still no improvement. Edward had previously taught hatchlings, to fly and all of them had flown by now, but not Willow She was, different
Bill. Amy and Edward all came together and decided that Willow should see a doctor. At this stage, It was unheard of that a hatchling at Willow’s age had not flown yet. Everyone in the town was beginning to worry. When they took Willow to the doctor, he said that everything was fine. But yet Amy,
Bill and Edward thought that there was somethlnc strange about this doctor. To start off with he was quite rough when he was exam1n1ng Willow. Secondly, he did not seem to care about their worries and their thoughts
And last but not least he did not take his time, he just rushed through the examination. This worried Bill, Amy and Edward. But maybe it was just parent’s instinct.
Willow at this stage was starting to lose hope of ever flying. Her friends would encourage her, but it was no good. Everybody was trying everything to help her. In the end up Bill, Amy and Edward found a doctor that specialised in flying. They found him much better than the previous doctor. Immediately he found the problem. Willow had a fault in her wing. The doctor sald that she would have to undergo surgery and possibly need a wing transplant.  This came to a massive shock to Bill, Amy and Edward. But they decided it was the best thing.
Two weeks later Willow went through surgery. the town was praying that it would go well. After the surgery and when Willow woke up there were flowers everywhere and ‘get well soon cards’. She was so overwhelmed. The doctor came out shortly after and said that everything went well. Now it was recovery time. She woudl have to take it slow at first. She would have to do some physiotherapy to help her wings. But most importanltly she would fly.
Willow trained hard and soon she was back to full fitmness. Finally, the day came. Willow took her first flight. the whole town was out to see. it took her a while longer than other hatchlings but in the end, she got there.