The Abduction…

Gorey Communty School Wexford

                                                                                                                                            PO Box P56T45


                                                                                                                                             15th of April

Dear Mom,

It’s me Isla! I must be quick.

Why did you leave us alone in an empty holiday apartment block? The last time I saw you was when you first checked on us and I was still awake, but you told us you would be back in 40 minutes as you were just finishing your food. You left and locked the apartment but around 5 minutes later there was banging on the door. My initial thought was you were locked out but that thought soon changed to pure terror. It was a burglar! When he walked in, he was in such shock he didn’t think there would be someone in the room never mind three children. I just started crying. The man turned pale and grabbed me to make sure I remained quiet. Amelia awoke but she was bewildered at what was happening. I’m sure the man’s intention was to just raid our apartment, but it soon turned from bad to worse.

I was praying you would come back but that was unlikely to happen. The thief abducted me. He didn’t speak a word of English. There is nothing creepier to me than a person with emotions that don’t match the situation. He had an oily voice, greased back black hair, piercing black eyes and a false smile like an animal watching and observing its prey. The brazen thief took me to where he lived. I thought it was all over. I arrived in this dusty neighbourhood. The houses were never cleaned, men out on the streets, cardboard over what were meant to be windows. It reminded me of a movie set. He took me into his house. There were clothes strewn all over the floor, there were dirty dishes sitting in the sink, mouldy food on the island, food splattered all over and around the microwave and a film of grease around the stove. He shouldered me to a room with a bed no bigger than a dog bed and told me I’m sleeping there. A dump would be cleaner than this room. I heard my name and your voices on the TV looking for me. That gave me the power to survive and that has brought me to now. I’m alone in the house and found a pen and paper. There is a post box on the edge of the green outside and I’m going to try to make it. Please come get me. I looked out my window and saw the postcode of the neighbour’s house its P56T45. We are the house to the left of it. It is a grey pebble house with a crusty brown door and the windows that are still glass you can barely see out of.


If I don’t make it out to the post-box and back just know I love you all. I will stay safe until you come. Bring the police with you.

Love and kisses,

Isla x