Snow Snow Snow

Scoil Mhuire Corofin, Co. Clare

Dear mam and dad,

I am in the snowy country of Russia. I have seen at least two bears from work and we are here to study. The bears seem friendly and one came up to us and stood on its hind legs to scratch it’s back on the tree beside me. It’s really cold here in Russia and we’re always outside. Even though it’s really fun out here I really miss ye. When it snows it looks so effortless like breathing. The black bear’s coat somehow stays black instead of white by the snow. I really wish ye were here because it would be so much more fun. I’ve befriended a few people. I wish I could longer but I am off to Australia next week. It’s going to be a really big change in heat. I’ll be studying kangaroos and wombats there. Our Russian guide luckily speaks English. We were following bear tracks and Ben stepped in bear droppings. Did you know that not all bears are vicious to humans but some are shy?

Love you lots AJ