Seville in my eyes

Light of Christ Primary School, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford



This week I have visited the wonderful Seville to write a report on this city for lonely planet. So far I have written buckets due to the city having such interesting points and habits. Unfortunately, I may only write four pages because of the size of the new travel book they are publishing on Spain. I am having some job trying to figure out what to keep. I am only spending four days here so I am doing as many activities as I can squish into the 96 hours I am spending in this gorgeous city. Including a Alcazar Cathedral and Giralda guided tour, a Flamenco show, a cruise down Guadalquivir River and a three hour bike tour around Seville. I have at least eaten around 40 oranges since I arrived here because of the thousands of orange trees lining the streets. (The smell is fantastic!) It is a wonderful experience to stay here and I promise that when the company has published the travel book, I will take you, Dad and Izzy for a two week holiday here. I am positively wrecked from all the travelling I have been doing, I only sleep on airplanes and sometimes in the gorgeous fantastically furnished hotel suites Lonely Planet booked for me. Next week I will be getting a taxi to Cordoba, which I know nothing about. I promise I will send you a postcard from everywhere I go, sending love to everyone at home!

Amelie Skehan