Saving Alfheim!

Marymount NS

Hello there, young traveller.

I have heard you have built a teleporter. Now, I do not want this teleporter, but I need your help. I have been observing you for a while and have decided that you are worthy of helping me in my quest to save ‘Alfheim’. You may of heard it in Norse mythology and probably think it’s fake, but believe me young traveler, it is not. It is filled of lovely, endangered elves that need our help. The great, terrifying beast ‘Aristaqis’ is out to kill every single elf in this world and everything else in it. This beast will destroy the entire world of ‘Alfheim’ and will stop at nothing. ‘Alfheim’ is a lovely world and has great mountains that tower over the beautiful villages that house the those lovely little creatures and has lovely little rivers that flow through the mountains and villages. Also, the lovely little creatures that inhabit the land like the Centaurs, the Griffins, the beautiful mermaids and the majestic Hippocampus. Oh, and how could I forget all the beautiful, plants and flowers. Like the Candypop Bud or the Dyson tree. How could you let them all just disappear? They all need us. They all need you. All these creatures need your help. I can only go so far before I have to stop, as I am centuries old. Then, the quest is yours, young one.   The coordinates are 409-454-629.

I am sure you know how to put them in.

-Mysterious Sender