Pretty Paris

St Clare's Comprehensive Manorhamilton Co leitrim

Hi Aunt Rachel,

As you know, I am out here in Paris and I am writing to you to tell you about my adventures so far. You remember how I was quite nervous coming out here – I am not as nervous as I thought I would be. I also thought I would miss home a lot more as well, don’t get me wrong though I do but I have been loving it out here so much I haven’t even really thought about home. So I started my journey back in Ireland when I got my flight out here, It was honestly one of the best flights I have come on in my life. Of course it was with the best airline and the most efficient one Aer Lingus. Even when I got to the airport the staff were so friendly and chatty a really good way to start off my new experience. Like I had probably told you before, it was my birthday the day my flight was on. On my flight when I was coming into Paris I saw speckles of the Eiffel Tower which I thought was absolutely spectacular it was a captivating experience. My flight was absolutely fantastic. When I got to my apartment, it was really late. It had three luxurious bedrooms, a bathroom, a miniature kitchen and a tiny bathroom. My apartment is right beside the breathtaking Eiffel Tower. It was always one of my dreams to wake up to the Eiffel Tower and now I finally can. Waking up to the fresh waters of their beautiful canals, walking down the streets and smelling the aroma of a freshly cooked baguette, I honestly feel like I am in heaven. Hearing their native language and how people speak so passionately is a sound I do not want to ever part with. The chocolate fountains can be found all over Paris and at midnight, it is like the city comes alive and I am mesmerised by their lights like dancing butterflies that lie all over this urban fascination.

That is why I love living out here.

Hope you can reply soon Aunt Rachel talk to you later bye.