Postcard Home From Kenya

Bun Scoil Bhothar na Naomh

A Postcard Home From Kenya

Hi Lucy,

My holiday here in Kenya has been mind-blowing so far. On our first day, we went on safari around some of the African plains. Our buggy was very old with rusty doors that you have to hold closed, it screamed as we made our way slowly up the hills. All of a sudden, we set our eyes on a mother elephant, not too far away,  dunking her trunk into sparkling water then lifting it up and pouring it over her little baby with the cutest blue eyes. We watched this cycle for ages before our guide told us to move on. Next, we met the tallest giraffes I’ve ever seen, munching on lush green leaves at the top of some ginormous trees. I was overjoyed when I thought I would get to rub a lion cub that wandered too close to the buggy but before I could, it darted in the opposite direction. I was amazed when I saw a cheetah run as fast as lightning up a steep tree. But, I have to say, the most spectacular thing I have ever seen was during our supper that night. My family and I were feasting on some authentic African dishes on a large hill. The sun was going to sleep, soft yellows, vibrant pinks, and oranges painted the sky when in the distance I saw a silhouette of a herd of rhinoceros settling down to sleep, and I had no words to describe what I was seeing.

Hope your holiday is going as good as mine,