Postcard from India

St Josephs BNS Terenure

To my loving wife Kate,

I hope you and the children are all doing ok without me. I am having a superb time here in India on my expedition to find new wildlife. I have come across a very interesting tribe called the Kako Tribe who have never seen a tv, radio or mobile phone. They are very friendly and are showing me where to find different animals and plants. They speak only Indian so I can’t understand them to be honest but they make signs to talk to me.  The expedition is going great – I found an unusual panther last week and took some super photos of him. I also found a black widow spider and a tarantula – I didn’t get too close to these. There are interesting berries growing here but I know they are poisonous so I won’t be eating them. I will bring some home to study and grow.  The weather is unbearably hot here and I haven’t seen a cloud in the sky or a drop of rain. I miss the weather back home in Ireland. The food here is very spicy but very delicious. I better go as I have to get up early tomorrow to go looking for new plants. I miss you all very much but will see you all in a months time.

Your loving husband