Paris, Paris, Paradise

St.Josephs BNS

        Paris, Paris, Paradise

Dear Mom and Dad

Hello Parents, I have just reached the beautiful city of Paris. I got here yesterday evening at 8:53pm or since you will receive this letter in a few days I will tell you the date, the second of September. Just three hours ago, I went to see the gigantic Eiffel Tower or as they say in French, La Tour Eiffel. While I was there, I learnt dozens of facts about it, like when the maker of the tower, Gustav Eiffel, made it, everyone thought it was ugly. Another fact is that it is 324 metres tall and weighs 10,100 tons. That’s a fraction of the things that I learnt. I took the lift to the top and I could see all over the city. It was bright, fancy and gorgeous. I started to talk to a few French people who were there. One man said that his great grandfather helped build the tower and an elderly man said that his granddad knew the architect Stephen Sauvestre! After that, I went a fancy restaurant called La Cinq. For a starter, I had French onion soup, for a main I had frog’s legs and for a dessert I had a rich but not too rich brownie with ice-cream. It was so delicious that it made me leap out of my seat. I got back to my hotel at 7:30 and started to write this lettter.

I can’t wait to get back to Ireland to see you.

Lots of love,