John Scottus NS

Bonjour Pia,

Hey, I’m in Paris. The weather here is amazing, I mean compared to Ireland. I was so excited and hungry when I arrived, so I rushed into the first macaroon shop and got a selection of colours.  The woman said “Merci”. I’m still getting used to people speaking French. As it was getting dark, the Eiffel Tower turned on its lights and it looked just like it does in the movies. I was so amazed that a man was asking me to move for five minutes because I was in the middle of the road. The Eiffel Tower was even better than I expected.  It lit up the city with its bright lights.The next morning was even better. I woke up to the sun beaming in my eyes so I decided to go to the beach.  My feet sank into the golden sand. The azure water was splashing against the rocks. Looking out at the ocean, I had a moment of sheer happiness and joy.  Then I got an ice-cream. The bright pink ice-cream looked so beautiful that I didn’t want to eat it. My feet were burning after I ran across the sand. Tomorrow I’m going home.  I’m going to miss Paris so much especially the weather. I hope we can go together one day.

Au revoir from Paris.