Only a plane flight away!

Glenamaddy Community School

Apis Hotel,



1st December 2018

Dear Mam,

I hope this letter finds you well and you are trying your best not to miss me too much. How is everyone back home? Has Granny improved any bit yet? Tell her I’m asking for her and I am already missing our daily gossiping chats. One last thing before I get into talking about my holiday… very important to check up on my cat! How’s Mischief? I hope you are following all my instructions precisely. Remember to heat his morning milk for forty seconds! Mischief notices the heat difference of the ten seconds and you don’t want to get on his bad side, especially on a Monday morning!

As for the flight… we flew through security (pun intended) and boarded the plane according to time. Between sucking on my lollipops and chatting to my friends, I managed to arrive in Poland without shedding any tears. The hotel is amazing! It’s four stars and what a surprise I got when I heard Ciara scream ‘Jacuzzi!!’ from the bathroom! So after a nice while in the pool and some late night chats, we all dozed off. Next morning we grabbed breakfast, nothing too unusual, some cereal for me of course! We hopped on the bus to the saltmines. My excitement grew and grew as I climbed down all the sets of stairs listening to the tour guide talking through our headphones. I’ll tell you something if you promise not to get annoyed… I licked the walls of the saltmines. Yes I actually did, bacteria and all but by god it was salty. We learnt about the past of the saltmines and also saw magnificent monuments made thoroughly out of salt all underground! Mouth-dropping I say!

After heading home for dinner, we headed back into the city of Kraków to take in the Christmas Market atmosphere and also to buy a few small prezzies. A late night was had back at the hotel but definitely worth it. We played board games and stayed up chatting until all hours. Next day, we headed off to Auschwitz. The mood quickly changed to mournfulness and sorrow as the reality of the concentration camp quickly sank in. No one spoke a word throughout our tour, our emotions were shown through our crying tears. To think anyone could be so heartless and harsh to capture and kill all those innocent people. I sent you a few pictures on WhatsApp of the sleeping arrangements in the buildings and also look at the picture of the room filled with captured children’s shoes… heart breaking. As we approached the gas chambers, the air thickened, eeriness was felt all around, sadness and sorrow.

Last night, we headed home, everybody was in a very pensive mood so we stayed in for the night. It felt like we were mourning, we felt a loss of what to do, but the least we could have was the night in. Tomorrow we are heading to Schindler’s factory and then bowling in the evening. I must say I can’t wait to use my amazing bowling skills! Yayyyy! Maybe this time I won’t hit the ceiling light…. Anyway, that’s it from me for now.

Make sure to write soon with all the news from home.

Lots of love,