Mary Immaculate Secondary School

Sao Paulo International Airport,




Dear Hiraya,

Tick this one off my bucket list. I’ve spent a whole week in Brazil. I went to your home town it is quite magnificent.   I woke up at six a.m. for my flight. I was sure I was going to have to drag myself into the taxi, but I was so excited that I was ready and waiting for the taxi. There was no traffic on the road to the airport which made it a smooth journey. The Aer Lingus flight was comfortable, the service was excellent. I rented a car to drive to Pelourinho and I passed your old home. Pelourinho was ablaze with colour, it was… beautiful.   I then moved down towards Fernando De Noronha Pernambuco. I went surfing there. The water was the colour of sea glass. There were perfect green waves, like green mountains of water. Hills of rock rose from the water like indestructible statues.   I went to the Arquipelago de Anavilhas Amazonas. I stayed in a little cabin there and every morning I went on a canoe ride. On Wednesday I went into the Amazon forest. I walked through a gate of large luscious leaves. The enormous trees covered in green leaves gave shade from the sun. The leaves were outlined in green and a rich brown of the soil. The light that crept in between the leaves was like glass, shimmering in the reflection of the light. When I looked up I saw the prettiest green beneath the turquoise blue of the sky. I saw red, orange, yellow and black birds soaring high gracefully in the sky. It looked like something other worldly. Deep Atlantic blue butterflies danced in the air. Green toads leapt from under fallen moss-covered trees. Using them as camouflage, were snakes of the most beautiful greens. Brown sloths were ripping leaves off towering trees for food. Moss was covering lazy streams. I could hear the whispers from the toads, the birds singing echoing from tree to tree, the gentle flap of wings soaring in the sky, the filtering of water through rocks, the leaves and branches moving through the wind in whispers and the sound of small insects humming, all blending together like an orchestra. I lifted large oval leaves to the side to collect acai berries as I walked.   I am about to board the Aer Lingus plane leaving Brazil. Your home country is the most beautiful place I have come across on my travels so far.

I will be writing to you next about Tokyo.

Love Rebekah