No place like home

Ard Scoil Na nDeise

Luxury Bahia Principe,

Riviera Maya,




Lemybrien upper,



Well, Mammy,

Hope everyone is good at home, I miss you terribly and daddy of course. I cannot wait to get home it actually turns out it will be sooner than I thought. Okay so let me explain. You are probably wondering why my address says I’m in Mexico when I started my holiday in Greece but funny story well it is only funny if you are not Emma. Mam it’s not often that I say you are right but your were definitely right when you said that it was a bad idea to go on holiday with Aoibhin and the two Emma’s. Okay so two days ago life was good and by good I mean unbelievable we were standing on a golden beach dipping our toes into crystal clear deep sea with tiny exotic vibrant fish swimming in between our legs while sipping on multicoloured tangy drinks gazing at the radiant distant burnt orange sun with the light crisp salty breezy wind blowing our hair and of course Emma hickey was feeling sick as she had just scoffed down to pizzas and was now attempting to eat ice cream. She began to feel the pain throbbing in her stomach but was quickly comforted by a painkiller, but that did not last very long. As we attempted to bring her home she started squealing and bellowing in pain drawing attention to us, suddenly we were approached by a group of little children who began dragging and pulling at our pockets, Aoibhin promptly told them leave but they were not going anywhere but then abruptly a group of men come and snatched Emma who was dozing asleep on the bitter rigid stone path and who was also oblivious to all the commotion occurring behind her. By the time anyone noticed she was gone a few minutes had passed, a few too many, in the distance you could hear Emma’s distinct cry bellow through the hills of Greek countryside. We stood there for a few minutes gazing at each other in amazement trying to come to terms with what had just happened before our eyes. Suddenly Aoibhin collapsed to the ground and began bawling her eyes out and howling in despair. After a while I was approached by a kind local man who explained to us that occasionally tourists are often kidnapped and sold as slaves in rich parts of Central America. This is when our conquest to save Emma from slavery began to be honest they would of sent her back really quickly as she is the most idle lazy person that I know, Anyway back to the story the kind local man let us take his small hazardous plane across the ocean. Emma would want to appreciate the effort we went to as it was possibly life threatening (don’t worry he flew the plane). When we arrived we were met by the irritating heat and humidity. Soon we were put in contact with the local police who heroically helped us save he from her new found life in captivity. The police stormed the compound Emma was in, freeing her and many othersWhen she realised she was safe she gave a smart comment (what is new) “what took you so long”, she then chuckled and said “ it’s good to see you and can we please go home I want a cup of tea”. So anyway mammy I’m currently sitting in an overcrowded airport waiting to come home, I can’t wait to see you. It’s true when they say there is no place like home.

Yours truly,