New York

Marymount NS

To all my classmates,

We are now in New York. It is wonderful here! Just as magical as it is in the movies. We have already been to the empire state building and central park zoo. The empire state building was amazing. The view was like a once in a life time opportunity! And the zoo was so fun! The seals were like little performers in the water. I can’t wait to go to Madison square garden and to the natural history museum. I’ve seen pictures of the museum and there is a massive life size whale! The buildings here are all so tall. Its like every building is a skyscraper! Our hotel is really nice too. It feels like living in New York. We are planning to go to Brooklyn tomorrow. We will cross the Brooklyn bridge and go to the Brooklyn botanic garden. Times square is amazing. There are so many different screens you don’t even know which one to look at first. This morning we went to a café and got some delicious new York style bagels. I got one with cream cheese and salmon. It was the best thing I have ever eaten! Everyone here is so nice. You can ask anyone anything and they will help you. Yesterday we went to the Lego store and the M&M shop. In the Lego store there were so many different playsets and there was a Lego dragon hanging down from the celling! And in the M&M shop there was a full wall of just M&M’s! You should all come here one day.

I have never been to a nicer city before!

Eleonora Kalpina

5th class Marymount