New York troubles

Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh

A letter home: 16th of May 1964

Dear Loving Parents ,

Hey, it’s Gráinne! How is everything back at home? Is everything going well ? Most importantly how are ye doing ? New York is fabulous, I really am loving it here. I love the music , the people and there are so many shops and things to do ! Got a letter from Granny yesterday asking how I’m doing in the big apple, tell her I’m doing well and I’m having the time of my life. I’m staying in this big place where they got all these different kinds of apartments. My neighbor her names kristy got this big balcony and she’s having a party later so I’m writing to you before I leave! So, Mama, I need advice. There’s this boy and I don’t know what it is but I think I’m catching feelings… His names Seán, Seán Connolly. He’s originally from Ireland so we already of something in common, tall with brown hair and these piercing blue eyes. He’s just perfect. We work in the same store and he lives in the apartment right across from me , how exciting!!! I feel like we click . There’s just one problem… he has a girlfriend.  Her name’s Rachel Belle, to make things better she’s my roommate! Is she ever finds out she will literally kill me for liking him ! But Mam I cant help it he’s just so loving and caring and he’s always there for me we’re really hitting it off ! This one time he said he liked the way I style like come on if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is!

Ok I best be leaving for the party

Love ye All, Gráinne


Second letter:

Dear loving parents,

Hey, it’s Gráinne, Sorry I did not write back to your letter sooner I was really busy with work and all  I got a new job? Yes , I know a new job ! Also, Rachel is not my roommate anymore… some things changed.  So the party was great but Rachel didn’t go to the party because she felt sick, but I offered to stay home with her but she did not want to ruin my day so she let me go. Séan went to the party though… We were talking for the whole night and he was wondering where Rachel was I told her she was sick and we kept on dancing. He brought me back to his apartment at the end of the night but I promise nothing happened!!! He kept calling me beautiful last night so he must have had to much to drink last night . He let me stay in his apartment because I forgot my keys to mine and I could not get in to my apartment. I tried to get in, I kept knocking and no one would answer so he offered to let me stay in with him, next morning comes and I wake up to Seán and Rachel screaming about me!

I have to go, Gráinne