My trip Tokyo

Presentation College Athenry

Sou Fujimoto




Hey, Cian!

How are you? Ya doing Ok? I hope Mom and Dad aren’t giving you a hard time. The weather over here in Tokyo is great! The past few days were amazing! Learning Japanese has been so beneficial, and everyones so polite! Wish you were here… I visited to oh-so-famous Nakano Broadway and bought some amazing presents for you. (I got some pretty good mangas.) I met a girl called Akane the second day I was here, and she showed me around the place. I rented a six-tatami-mat apartment for the two weeks. It’s small, but comfy! And oh, the walks in the evenings are awesome, the city is all lit up and it’s so cool! Yesterday I went to the Arva restaurant on the Shinkansen bullet train (so fast) and tried the Teriyaki noodles and ramen. (delicious!) Akane and I went to a convention a few days ago, and it didnt go as planned… some of the cosplayers got a little too creative with their costumes and brought in real flame throwers. I’ll admit, I thought it was cool, and one of them let me hold their samauri sword! But… they got too over-excited and set the place on fire. Then the roof caved in! Luckily no-one was badly hurt, but we were all terrified. I had lost Akane and had no service, so I was alone. We were reunited after three hours when the chaos had subsided, so it’s ok. I’m fine and only suffered minor burns so don’t worry! After that disaster I needed to visit a more tranquil place, so Akane brought me to the blue pond of Biei, and I am not joking when I say it was the colour of a blue energy drink. It was like, straight out of a fairy tale! It had trees growing out of it! (I was tempted to drink it, it looked so good) Did you know, quiet eating is strange in Japan? And you can sleep almost everywhere? Japan is like a dream… they also love karaoke for some reason. The animal caf├ęs really are something! Cats, dogs, birds… even hedgehogs! Just roaming around their respective places. I’ve only been here a little while but I wanna stay! Obviously I’d miss you, but its so amazing! I had spent the first few days settling in and learning the place. Everything went smoothly when I met Akane. Shes really nice and funny! I really dont know what to say, everything here is just so… awesome! I’m so glad I decided to go. These two weeks are gonna be great. I promise that I will send pictures soon, I hope everythings good at home. Also there has been one or two small earthquakes (little ground shakes) but apparently thats normal here. I checked out the onsen hot springs which are so relaxing, only thing is you and everyone else has to be completely naked. Kind- of embarassing, but no-one stares or even cares. I saw the Tokyo skytree and Oh.My.God. Its massive. It’s supposely 634m tall which is so cool. Also, it would stay standing even if a magnitude 7 earthquake hit beneath it! And the VIEW. Yes, I did take pictures, dont worry. It is best to look out when its dark because you can see so much of Tokyo from there. Well, thats all for today, write soon!

See ya! (expecting your letter)

Your sis, Aoibhinn.