My Trip to the Packed Streets of Tokyo

Scoil Mhuire, Corofin, Co Clare

Kon’nichiwa from Tokyo,

Dear Mom

I am wandering the packed streets of Tokyo looking for a place to eat, but everywhere I go I can’t seem to make up my mind. As I’m walking down the streets the smells of sushi and tea fill me up like a balloon and I’m about to burst because I’m starving. The buildings lights explode me with excitement and exhilaration. All the people look so alike yet so different. It is just so amazing I am just awestruck by the swirling vortex of people, lights and smells. If anywhere was close to the future it would be Tokyo. All the skyscrapers and buildings are just leaving me speechless. I have just eaten now I had spicy salmon sushi with onigiri and jasmine tea. Onigiri is a ball of rice with seaweed around it. When I walked into the restaurant an elderly woman behind a desk started shouting at me and throwing things at me to take my shoes off. Last night when I was on the cusp of being asleep I heard the loudest noise imaginable. My ears were ringing in pain, I was so scared that someone had been murdered or worse. As I opened the door my body shaking with fear I found out it was just the tea lady delivering teas to people who had ordered their nightly tea. I woke up this morning still shaking from the events of the previous night and also slightly sad that it was my day.

Anyways goodbye or sayonara


Your son.