My Trip to The North Sentinel Island

Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh

Dear Mom,

Hope you’re well. My journey through India has been quite the experience but by far my best experience was the unexpected journey to the North Sentinel Island, home to the Sentinelese tribe.  My plan was to get an aerial photograph of the tropical waters for the front cover of the National Geographic. My first big problem was how I was going to get into the air. Anyone locally I asked immediately refused and didn’t even consider the offer. I would later find out why! After hours of desperation I failed miserably. I sat down on the bar stool moaning in  sorrow. If I didn’t get this photo sent to the office by Friday, I would be fired. While I sat there in defeat sipping my Coca-Cola a hefty little man slowly approached me. “Hello, he said in a deep voice. Are you the guy looking for the helicopter ride” “Yes” I said my ears pricked anxiously to find out what he would say next. “Well my cousin has a small helicopter down by the beach if you give me good money I will help you” . “Definitely” I said handing to him all I had left. We went to the beach just a five minute walk from the bar. There we arrived at a  large warehouse. He opened the doors and showed me the small helicopter. It was in desperate need of  repair. Well I suppose it will have to do I thought nervously. The view was outstanding. I saw the vibrant coral reefs and  a magnificent humpback whale. After around two hours  I finally got the perfect photo. Lets go. On the route home the engine began stuttering. All of a sudden the propellers jerked and halted. We were going to crash! Muhammad tried all he could to keep the helicopter in the air but he just wasn’t able to. SPLASH! The helicopter crashed  into the water! Muhammad and I quickly exited the helicopter and swam to the beach nearby. We sat there for a while gazing at the helicopter slowly sinking underwater.  “Oh no, this where Sentinelese  live’ said Muhammad. I immediately realized what he was talking about. I read about this tribe in an old National Geographic magazine. We have to get going before they see us. I started rattling my brain, thinking about how we would get out of here. “We could build a raft” said Muhammad. “Good idea” I said. I frantically began gathering materials while Muhammad began assembling the raft.  After  eight hours of hard work we finally did it. We hopped on board and set sail for home. As we were just going I heard high pitched screams coming from the dark jungle. It was the tribe. They stood there staring at us. I quickly snapped a photo and went on our way.        When I presented the photo to my editor , he was so impressed that it made front cover for this months edition.

What a great surprise!

Take care,