My Trip to Paris

Glenamaddy Community School

52 Rouge Street,



14th July 2018

Dear Granny and Grandad,

Greetings from Paris! I am having a fantastic time here with Mam, Dad and Amy! Our flight was lovely and relaxing. We flew with Aer Lingus and it took about two hours to get from Dublin to Paris. Our flight was at eight o’clock on Friday morning, so we stayed in the Clayton Hotel the night before to stop us from rushing because you know the way Dad is! It would take an earthquake to wake him up, especially at the weekends! He LOVES his sleep! Our room in the hotel was lovely and cozy. I wish we had longer to relax but we were late getting to the hotel because Dad was working! When we arrived at the airport in France, it was very sunny and hot. We got a taxi to our apartment that we are currently staying in. The apartment is beautiful! When we walk out onto the balcony, we can see the whole of Paris! It’s amazing! The beds are as soft as clouds. When you lie down, it’s as if everything you are thinking of just melts away and you drift into a deep sleep! I love it here; I don’t think I want to go home! The food is wonderful! Every time we pass a bakery or ‘boulangerie’, there is an enticing smell of fresh bread, pastries and cakes and it makes our mouths water. Some popular French foods are crêpes, croissants, quiche, French onion soup, soufflé, ratatouille and lots more! The ice cream is SO rich and creamy! Don’t worry, we will have plenty of pictures to show you when we get home! Wait until you see the desserts, they look and taste amazing! You know me and desserts, I HAVE to sample everything! My favorites so far are the crêpes, profiteroles, mousse, soufflé and eclairs. I love having fresh pastries, fruit and crêpes for breakfast every morning!

There is so much to see and do here! We have been to Disneyland for a day, we saw the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, L’Arc de Triomphe and the Stade de France. We have yet to see the Notre Dame Cathedral, Moulin Rouge and lots more. Tomorrow, we will be going shopping for the day and I can’t wait! I love shopping! It is my favourite hobby! I will buy plenty of souvenirs and presents to bring home. The people here are so kind to us. The French accent is lovely, I love the way it is spoken! This trip is definitely helping me to improve my knowledge of the French language and I hope it will help me for the Leaving Cert! How is everyone at home? We miss you all very much but we will see you next Saturday when we get home. We will have plenty of stories to tell and pictures to show everyone! Hope everyone is well there!

We can’t wait to see everyone next weekend!

Lots of love,

Your granddaughter,