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Maison du Camillo,

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Italian Alps.

9 Jan 2019

Dear Mam,

How are you?

I hope you are not missing me too much! 🙂 Let me tell you about my journey so far. It has been awesome. Sofia is amazing at skiing. We booked into the hotel early this morning, we have the most gorgeous room. 🙂 We started skiing this morning. We must have had FIVE layers of clothes on! I was terrified of going up the chairlift. It kept shaking and we were only held in by a metal bar! 😮 When we eventually got off the chairlift we waddled over to the Ski Huts for our first lesson. Mam, you won’t believe it. There are hotels, restaurants, bars and would you believe it-DECK CHAIRS !!! People are actually sitting out in the snow trying to get a TAN! And here I was thinking it is a snow holiday. I guess it’s a sun one too! 😮

The first lesson was exhausting, but the thrill of going down the slopes is incredible, the wind blowing in your face and just the feeling, I can’t describe it. In the afternoon we practiced what the instructor had taught us. Sofia was becoming very confident, she was starting to do tricks and I was getting worried! :-0 She then said she was going to try one of the harder slopes. I tried to stop her but you know Sofia when she wants to do something nothing is going to stop her. I decided I’d go with her. I know it was foolish but it was that or let her go alone. As we went down she was speeding off ahead of me. I started to lose sight of her. At one stage she turned back to see where I was but then seemed to lose control. She was veering left and right and calling to me but what could I do!?! Then BANG!!!!! She had fallen and landed awkwardly on her arm. When I eventually got to her. I tried to pull her up but it was no use. Luckily I had my phone. I dialed 999 and about 10 minutes later the ski instructors arrived with a stretcher. They carried Sofia to the chairlift (I thought the chairlift was bad enough but imagine having an injured arm going down it!) and then in an ambulance to the hospital. The doctor said she had a minor break in her arm and was very lucky!!! 🙂 The FIVE layers of clothes had paid off! The doctor said she needed two weeks rest and should be able to ski again after that. I was relieved more than anything! She has spent the last two days resting her arm and I have stayed with her. Other that Sofia’s arm we have actually had quite a good holiday-having one-armed snowball fights, walking through the beautiful town and most of all sitting in front of the fire drinking Hot Chocolate! 🙂

I’m slightly nervous to go skiing again but that’s all for now!

Can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

Love You,