My journey to Ireland

Patrician Presentation, Rocklow Rd., Fethard, Co Tipperary, Tipperary,

My Mom and Dad often mentioned that my brother and I might go to visit Ireland. It never occurred to me that I actually would because to be in Europe was just a dream for Filipinos like us, till we were informed 5 months before the flight that we could finally fly to Ireland and join our parents. * Everything in my life has changed since then. My name is Curth, I am a 13 year old boy and I’m going to tell you about my favourite air journey and where it took me. Before I go into complete detail about the flight, I will share the events prior to that. My brother and I live with our aunts and grandparents. Filipinos are usually dependent and live with their parents, brothers and sisters for as long as they can, to support each other. In my case, my parents had to go abroad and be the breadwinners for our family, this means we don’t get to see our parents too often and we just communicate with them through the wonders of modern technology, in other words, video calls. *  My aunts and grandparents had to take care of me and my brother while our parents worked. Fortunately my parents would come home from abroad every 2 years or so and stay for as short as a week or as long as a month to be with us. The point is, we weren’t complete and being complete is what my parents have been dreaming of for quite a while now. Now back to the flight. My dad went to the Philippines and he left my mom in Ireland alone to pick me and my brother up. I think we were ready all though my brother did have second thoughts. So we went to the airport, about an hour drive from home. We were checking our baggage in when my brother broke down and became emotional, he was unsure whether he would come or stay. My brother and I have always had a very strong relationship with our aunts and grandparents and I believe my brother just got scared thinking we might not see them for a while. My dad saw him crying and he talked to my brother. I didn’t really listen to their conversation but I did hear a couple of things involving the flight itself. After their conversation, my brother decided he wouldn’t be joining us for now but maybe next time. This was a bit shocking and emotional for me but my dad said that he had to let my brother decide and give him a bit of freedom. We retrieved my brother’s baggage and he went home with our grandparents. * My Dad and I carried on with the plan. When we are on the boarding gate, we called my Mom through a video call and she greeted us very cheerfully not knowing what had happened, we asked her how she was and she said she was very excited and she was actually buying confetti and balloons to welcome us to Ireland but then we informed her of what had just taken place, she went in quietude, seemingly hurt and disappointed, her eyes started shining as if a tear is going to fall down and before we could say anything to her she said in a broken voice ‘Goodbye’ and ended the call. My dad was sure that my Mom cried, we tried to call her a couple more times but she didn’t answer. She probably needed a bit of time to think and accept the truth. * My Dad and I boarded the plane and lots of people also did along with us. My dad and I sat in silence for a bit until he broke the silence by saying ‘What a day’ and I just smiled. The plane suddenly leapt and eventually took off. The tickle you feel in your stomach as the plane ascends was rather unusual for me, since it’s my longest flight yet. It was a night time flight, and I noticed there were these artificial stars on the ceiling of the plane. I found myself glancing at the ceiling from time to time enjoying the wonderful view as I slowly fell asleep. Then I woke up to discover only 5 hours remained in the flight,considering it is a 22 hour journey, so I decided to watch a movie to pass the time. I felt very thrilled knowing that I will be in Ireland in just a couple of hours but there was a bit of mixed emotions. Eventually we were informed that the plane would be landing very soon so we freshened up a bit. We arrived at Dublin airport and were greeted by my Mom along with a lovely friend. As we walked out from the airport, I can feel the breeze brushing across my blushing face. I thought my brother would’ve appreciate that feeling if he was there, I missed my brother. I just put into my mind that something great and something emotional is going to happen to me here in Ireland. Everything in my life has changed ever since.