My home away

Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne

No.2 Calle Torres,

Cala San Vicente,


Dear Róisín,

I can’t tell you how glad I am to be back in Spain! I was so excited when we were driving along the familiar route from Palma to Cala San Vicente! I love and hate that drive because I’m so excited to get there that the journey seems to last for ages! I love arriving into Cala San Vicente! It seems that we always park the car in the same place every year. When I was walking down the steps to our ground floor apartment, it felt as though we had never left. It was soo annoying having to wait for Michael and Caitlin before I was allowed to open the doors to the patio and go down to the pool. They took forever!  And I was bursting to see Jess, Harry and Ted again! This year, we get to meet up with them for nearly a whole week! I was so happy when I heard about this because we only meet up with them for a few days normally! When we went outside, they were sitting on the sun-beds next to the baby-pool. We stood chatting for a few minutes and then, guess what? It started to rain! I love it when it rains in Spain! There’s an amazing earthy smell from the ground and the rain is really warm! Is the weather for you nice at home? Caitlin carried a bag of Dreamies Cat treats in her suitcase to give to all the local cats that hang around the apartment and on the path to the shop where we get ensaimadas and napolitanas. Last year, we named a few of them. I think I told you this already but I’ll tell you again in case you don’t remember. There was Zorro, who was black and white, Trixie, who was black, Ash and Soot, who were grey, and then there was Pixie, who was a light grey tabby with cross-eyes. Pixie was such a mad cat! She was always running around the apartment and chewing the pages of Caitlin’s books. We spent most of our time hanging out around the pool with Jess and Harry, or, going to the beach, so, one day, all of our parents decided we would go for a walk, over a mountain to Port de Pollenca. It was really hot that day! Michael, Caitlin, Jess, Harry and I were in the lead, talking about songs and music. Jess and Harry knew a lot more songs than we did! On the way down the mountain, Michael cut his ankle on a rock. Jess surprised everybody by bringing plasters! When we got to the beach, we went snorkelling! There were so many fish! After that, we all went to Little Italy and had pizza for lunch. Jess got stuck in the toilets! On the way home, we sang songs, then, we started making up a new song. We called it Smoking Ladies.

I’ll see you soon, and you can listen to the song!

Isabel x