My first time abroad

Gorey community school

Zeughofstrasse 23,

1121 Berlin,


12th December 2018

Dear Mam,

How are things at home? Germany is beautiful and the days are flying by like a rocket. Sorry, I am only writing to you now but it has been very hectic over here since we landed 2 days ago. Monday afternoon when I arrived at Mia’s home for the exchange I felt as if something strange was going to happen. Stepping into her home there was a smell of mould and it looked as if the house hadn’t been cleaned in months. I went to the mother of the household and introduced myself, and it was at that moment that I realised she didn’t have a word of English. Her whole family didn’t know any English, how was I going to communicate with them, was my first instinct. I went downstairs into the basement where Mia’s room was for the rest of the afternoon before being called for dinner, I was starving at this point. I sat down at the table and my jaw dropped as all there was to eat were some tomatoes and frankfurters liquidised in a jar which are the two foods I hate. I nearly gagged as I was shoving the meat down my throat. Later explaining I was very tired and wasn’t feeling well I went to bed. I woke up the following morning with an alarm as loud as a truck horn during rush hour. I gazed at the clock and it was 6 am. We were late for school and she started to scream at me in Germany which totally freaked me out. I could sense that the day wasn’t off to a good start. I could see the school bus in the distance. The bus didn’t slow down and drove straight past us. We then had to wait another half an hour to get another bus to school. When we boarded the bus there were no school students on the bus as we were late. All of a sudden it started to snow really heavily and we were in the middle of a snowstorm everything was white and there were really strong winds. The bus couldn’t move any further and we were stuck there for hours on end before being rescued by firefighters who were in the area at the time. We tried to walk home as there was no other form of transport available to work in such conditions. 3 hours later we made it back to the farm house and immediately went to the fire to get warmed up. For the rest of the day, I laid in my bed. The following day (today) everyone was out shovelling their drive way. We made it to school in time and I am in the music room now writing you this letter of my journey in Germany so far.

Love you lots Caoimhe xxx