My first day comes to an end

Gaelcholáiste luimnigh

Hi Mom and Dad

I know you’ve been anxiously waiting for my letter but everything is okay here.  I had such a weird dream last night, I was in a club. I know mad right but listen I was in a club with my friends. Which in real life these people I called my friends I’ve never seen before. Felt really close so maybe it’s a sign I’ll make friends. You both know I’m bad at making friends in new schools like this. I was in the club having fun and I got spiked. If u don’t know what spiked means it’s when someone basically puts some substance into Your drink when I wasn’t watching but that’s beside the point. I carried on with the night well that what my friends said (in my dream don’t worry I don’t drink-yet)but when I got home it wasn’t so good. None of the furniture was there and this man was sitting on my kitchen countertop screaming. He then ran towards me and boom I woke up. Thought you both might want to know this, anyway my first day of classes was today It was better than I thought. The girls weren’t as mean and the boys were definitely not as sporty. No jocks, no cheerleaders no nothing only my favourite club, math club. Math club was great but since I was late into the year they already had a competition. They all walked me through and said I could join because “they could use me and need my brains”. In my perspective I don’t think they did but whatever works right. The competition went great we won wooo!! I know, then we all went back to the school to celebrate this win. Two of the girls on the team came up to and asked me to sit with them I was thrilled.  An hour goes by and the fire alarm goes off and all of the start to panic because they just had a drill yesterday so why would the bother do it again. We all go to the courtyard and start to anxiously wait for the dean of the school to tell us to go back in but as soon as I turn around to see the school it’s burned to the ground. Who knew fire would destroy something that quickly.  This leads me to think this is my first day when I thought was a good day and this now all ruined. Where am I going to go? I was supposed to have another five to six months till break.  I’m on the plane now and what a relief it was to sit down. I try to put my head down and close my eyes and just think about something besides how my day went. After all, I woke up and we’ve landed never been more glad to be home with was it’s calm and peaceful.

I’ve to go now and stop writing.