My Favourite Place

Millstreet Community School

12 Maple Street,


Co. Cork.

1st May 2019.

Dear Maria,

My favourite holiday must be when we went to Sorrento. Sorrento is an extraordinary place with bustling streets located on the southern coast of Italy. It’s perched on top of magnificent cliffs that separate the town from its busy marinas. Sorrento is known for its breathtaking views and its café-lined square, Piazza Tasso. We stayed in Hotel Ascot for a week, located within a short walking distance of the center of Sorrento. We lay by the pool for hours of each day in the blazing sunshine. The warm breeze that would hit your face would never be enough to cool you down in the sweltering heat of Italy in mid-July. After hours of tanning, I would get to the point where my skin could no longer take the harsh rays of the baking summer sun. I’d rapidly dive into the cold but refreshing pool. One of the best things about Sorrento is its delicious food. There are an endless number of restaurants to choose from along the maze of beautiful narrow alleyways. While you can sample Italian cuisine all over the world nowadays, it is worthwhile understanding what makes Italian food so popular. I found that it tasted very different to what we are accustomed to back home. Indulging in pizzas every day, followed by terrific ice-cream was definitely one of the highlights of the holiday! A scenic bus tour along the Amalfi coast was one of the best parts of the holiday for me. The scenic views, rolling hills and dramatic cliffs are some of the aspects of the dramatic drive. The region is renowned for its incredible natural beauty. There were an unlimited amount of picture-perfect moments passing through the pretty villages on the sheer cliff face. A kayak excursion along the coast of Sorrento was also very enjoyable. We got to see some spectacular caves and coves, along with finishing the tour in an enclosed cove. Here, we spent some time on the private beach and jumped off rocks into the cool water. Our last day on the holiday was spent in Capri. This is a trip I will certainly never forget! After leaving the marina of Sorrento, the boat trip started to become quite rough. Many on the boat were not feeling well because of this, so it was quite an eventful trip! We toured around the island with scenery almost impossible to describe. After almost two hours of a rocky boat trip, we set off to the island and took the cable car to the top. We spent a couple of hours in Capri walking around the surprisingly small village, which was filled with hundreds of tourists. The shopfronts alone displayed the great wealth of the island, with pieces of clothing worth thousands of euro. If I could only win the lotto! Overall, I would recommend a holiday in Sorrento. Its indescribable beauty along with delicious food is certainly unforgettable.

Talk soon,