My Favourite Place

Millstreet Community School

5 Main Street,


Co. Cork.

30th May 2019

Dear Saoirse,

I found some photographs from my holiday to New York City last year. What good memories they brought back! It was the best holiday I’ve been on. I’d like to tell you about it, since you’re going there for the first time in July. We left home in the early morning to catch the flight. I remember how tired I was, sleepily staring out the car window, watching a blur of trees and hedges pass by. Golden light of a waking sun cast shadows across the road. The differences between Ireland and America are clear once the plane lands. As soon as you step foot outside the door, a wave of warm air hits you, a refreshing change from the cold of the plane. The traffic in New York was mental; you could be stuck in a sea of cars for hours if you don’t plan your trips right. It’s all worth it once you step outside the cab into the dazzling Times Square. I stood in the middle of the footpath in awe when I first saw it, my luggage beside me, a flurry of people pushing past. I gazed up at the electronic billboards, periodically changing from ad to ad, each one for bright and colourful than the first. Fluorescent bulbs lined the billboards, lighting up the square when night fell. Night-time in New York is magical, streets constantly lit, people fill the streets until midnight, and roads always specked with yellow from the taxis. On the second day, I travelled with my family to Liberty Island. To reach the statue you travel by boat, which only takes a few minutes but each ferry is almost filled to the brim with locals and tourists alike. Unfortunately, you must book your tickets to climb the statue to her crown months in advance. I’d suggest booking yours now so you can experience such a sight. “Lady Liberty” is a stunning landmark; the view seen from her torch will leave you breathless. The myriad of shops in New York City could leave you overwhelmed. You have the normal, big brand stores such as “Hollister” and “Forever 21” and many themed shops you can break your bank account in. The most memorable was the M&M store in Times Square. It had enormous M&M statues dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and other famous sights. There was a full wall of long tubes filled with different coloured M&Ms. Along with its bright interior; the entire store also has a faint smell of M&Ms. If you are passing, I’d recommend a meal in the ‘Hard Rock CafĂ©’. It has dim lighting which brings a strange comfort to the restaurant. The food is divine; deserving of all its positive reviews. You can also get souvenir glasses, a lovely addition to your press at home! I hope you enjoy your trip this July!

I look forward to hearing about it.

Best of luck,