My Favourite Place

Millstreet Community School

Dear Miko,

Thanks for your letter. I’ll have to be honest, there are a number of different places I’ve been to and could have chosen, but in the end, I’ve chosen the Northern Irish capital, Belfast. Belfast is a lovely city, and I go there several times every year. I have family in Dundalk, so we go up to the North whenever we’re there. From Cork, it’s about a five- hour drive but from Dundalk, it’s about an hour and a half. There are plenty of attractions around the city such as Titanic, The Odyssey and Victoria Square shopping centre. Titanic is probably the biggest and most famous thing Belfast has to offer, and it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. Belfast itself attracts over one point two million people yearly: more than Cork and Limerick combined. That is a lot of people! Titanic is probably the best way you can spend eighty pounds in the city itself. For that, you get a walkthrough of the working conditions during that time, a rollercoaster ride, a full guided tour and your picture taken. Then there’s the Odyssey. That and the Titanic Quarter are very close to each other, just inside of the M2 motorway. The Odyssey Arena holds numerous events yearly such as darts, boxing, concerts and ice hockey. It holds about ten thousand people. It also includes a bowling alley, movie theatre, restaurants and a shopping centre. Another big tourist attraction is Victoria Square, located in the middle of the city. It is an indoor/outdoor shopping mall with big-branded shops such as Superdry, House of Fraser and Calvin Klein. It also has a number of top of the range fast food restaurants such as Milano, Pizza Hut, Frankie and Benny’s and Boojum. The main tourist attraction here is that at the top of the shopping mall, there is a dome-shaped area and if you go into it, you can see the whole of Belfast and its surrounding suburbs. Belfast has a population of three hundred and twenty-three thousand, making it the biggest city in the North and second largest on the island of Ireland. Like most cities, Belfast hasn’t come without its time of troubles. I’m referring to “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland and, unfortunately, Belfast was at the centre of it all. Bombs devastated the city, and gunfire destroyed lives. Of course, with the whole uncertainty over Brexit now, there are fears over the Northern Irish border and whether the troubles will return, hopefully not.   The main reason why I chose Belfast is that there’s a lot to it. In the city centre, there are shops that will occupy all age groups from toddlers to teenagers and everyone else. As I mentioned before, there are big tourist attractions around the city and its environs. It’s easily accessible with good links to other towns and cities. Overall it’s just a nice city, and unlike Dublin, it’s not too busy. It’s really my favourite place.