My Favourite Place

Millstreet Community School


Co. Cork.

1st, April, 2019.

Dear Orla,

I only arrived home from Sydney yesterday, but I have to tell you all about it. The start of my journey didn’t exactly go to plan because when I landed in Australia my luggage had disappeared. It had obviously been stolen. I felt like getting a plane ticket home right there and then but instead decided to check into my hotel and relax for awhile. When I arrived at the hotel the receptionist told me I had been upgraded to a suite so thankfully my day was getting better. I chilled there before going out to buy some necessities, which was basically a whole new wardrobe and cost a fortune. After all my shopping I was wrecked and went back to the hotel to sleep off the jetlag. My favourite day there was particularly hot, it was about 35 degrees Celsius. I decided to go to Bondi beach as it’s one of the most popular beaches in Sydney. It was crowded. I went jet-skiing and surfing for awhile but had to leave when I realised, I’d forgotten my sun screen and I was absolutely scalded. That night I met up with one of my friends, Kelly, who works as a nurse there. We went for a lovely dinner and ended up in an Irish bar until four in the morning with lots of other Irish people, I even met two other locals there. Small world! The next day, Kelly and I had booked a boat to go out and see some dolphins but we cancelled it, as the hangovers mixed with the sea sickness wouldn’t have been a good combination. Instead, we went abseiling. We climbed up to the top of some mountain and got kitted out with our safety harness and helmets. Kelly was terrified and was complaining that she felt sick, which I thought was just an excuse.  I decided to go first but made her promise that she’d do it. Before I knew anything, I saw Kelly passed out mid-air coming down after me. I saw our instructor look panicked as he came down to get her back to the top, while I waited patiently below to find out what happened. The ambulance finally arrived and whisked Kelly off. I got a spin to the hospital to see how Kelly was. It turns out she had gotten sun-stroke when we were walking up the mountain and was actually telling the truth when she said she felt sick, which made me feel extremely guilty. I stayed with Kelly until she was released the next day. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my last day in Sydney but at least we got an entertaining story to tell out of it. To top things off my flight home got delayed by five hours and I ended up breaking my phone, but I still would definitely recommend you visit and hopefully have better luck there than I did!

Talk soon,