My Favourite Place

Millstreet Community School

Dear Joe,

I must tell you about when my family and I went to Athens in Greece.

We prepared everything two days before the journey and didn’t forget anything (for once). We travelled to Dublin airport and we browsed through the shops until we had to run for our plane. We got on and I was delighted to find there was a TV screen in the seats. I watched a movie until we made a stop in Copenhagen. We looked at the shops and cafes. The airport there was bigger than Dublin and was very nice. Then we got back on a plane and I watched another movie till we landed in Athens. We got a taxi driver to bring us to the hotel “The Presidential Hotel’’. We looked around it and were really happy and they even had a pool on the roof. We decided over the next few days to explore the city. When we were in the hotel the President (Prokopis Pavlopoulos) and some other important people happened to be there, so we walked through the metal detectors when we entered. The metal detectors were there in case we were smuggling in a bomb or something. On our day of sightseeing, the S.W.A.T police were there in front of protesters. They were protecting the people staying in the hotel and the president from the protesters. I saw one of policemen with a pepper spray in his hand. We saw many tourist sites including the Parliament, changing of the guard’s, Acropolis, Pantheon, Acropolis Museum, Plaka, Temple of the Olympian Zeus, Syntagma Square, Panathenaic Stadium, Theatre of Dionysus and Monastreki. It was enjoyable because we didn’t have Ireland ‘amazing’ weather, it was sun all day long and 30 degrees Celsius. One of my highlights is the breakfast. I remember going to have an egg and biting into it into it and nearly chocking as I tasted it. After swallowing it I looked at the remaining piece of egg, the yolk was black. I checked two other eggs, their yolks were black too. Mom told me that’s how some people have their eggs. We spent a lot of time on the roof as well. It had a very good view of Athens and of course the pool. With the thirty degree weathe,r it was bliss. It was a big pool too and I was eleven at that time so it seemed even bigger. On our last day,w e packed our stuff and the taxi happened to be the same person who brought us on the first day. I didn’t know it the first day but there was a mini TV in the back of a foldable thing the volume was off and it was playing Mr Bean. We got a plane back to Ireland watching another two movies and went to our car. We managed to find it easily as we had written it down on a piece of paper so we would remember.