My Favourite Place

Millstreet Community School

My favourite holiday

Dear Diary,

My favourite holiday was in France last year. We went for Saint Patrick’s Day, and stayed for five nights. We stayed at one of the hotels in Disneyland but we also went into Paris to do a tour and visit the Eifel Tower. I’ll start off with Disneyland, I really liked it as I love rollercoasters and thriller rides. The firework display every night is also very good, my favourite rides were “Rock’n’Rollercoaster”, “Hyperspacemountain” and “Hotel Of Horror”. The chocolate croissants were also very tasty!   I’ve decided to ask my family what they thought of Disneyland first. Mom: “Well I really enjoyed it, it was great for not only the kids but also the adults as there was very good rollercoasters. The security was also very good not only at Disneyland itself but the hotel we stayed in. The only problem is the rollercoasters were very scary but that’s just a personal opinion. I would really recommend Disneyland to a friend of if you are in Paris to go for a day or two”. Dad:” Well quite frankly I found it way too expensive. If I had it my way we would’ve ate at McDonalds every day but of course I was outnumbered since all the girls love expensive restaurants. The rides were extremely dangerous too I would not have let anyone on them not to mind children. But I have to admit that universal studios were very enjoyable, especially ‘Hotel Of Horror’. There was also an all you can eat buffet, which was my favourite part if I’m being honest”. Sister:” I really liked Disneyland it was my favourite part of the holiday. I loved meeting Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Goofy and so on they were walking around the place and I even got Minnie Mouse ears!! I really liked going through the castles and dressing up like a princess I also liked rides, my favourite ride was this ride and it went up and down and up and down, it was really fun”. On the second last day we took the train to Paris. We first went to a café and then to the Eiffel Tower. The security is very strict there and before going in our bags were checked and it was all barred up. It was really nice and had a very nice view, but I didn’t really look down as I’m scared of heights . The only thing with the Eiffel Tower is that they were doing the bottom garden part up so we only saw builders and machinery that was a bit disappointing but it wasn’t too bad. We then went on a bus trip around the place and went onto an eight lane round about and our bus crashed!  We then went on a shopping spree and saw all the shops like Gucci, Chanel, Sephora etc. Overall it was a very good holiday and I really enjoyed it, I would definitely go back again.

Love Rebecca