My Favourite Place

Millstreet Community School


Co. Cork,

July, 27th, 2018

Dear Claire,

I have to tell you about my holiday in France. I went with my Mom, Dad, my sister Emma, my aunt Anne and my cousin Lia. We went last week and it was very hot. We drove to Dublin airport and we met my cousin and my aunt there. The flight was four hours! When we got off the plane we could feel the heat and I was so excited. When we got to Bordeaux we hired a car and went to our hotel. Our hotel was very nice, near a shopping centre and it had a large swimming pool. We went to Disneyland for two days. I went on most of the rides. My sister and cousin loved it there because they got to meet all of the Disney characters. At night we saw the fireworks in Disneyland they were really nice. The next day we drove all the ways down to Lourdes. Lourdes was a really nice place but it took four hours to get there. We stayed in Lourdes for a day and then we drove back up to our hotel. We went to the pool in our hotel every morning. We also celebrated my sister’s tenth birthday in France. We went around the streets shopping and we also went to the markets. There were a lot of good shops in France. We also went to a building called De la Bourse. It is centred on the Three Graces fountain overlooking the Miroir d’Eau reflecting pool. We got really nice photos of the water. We also went to the beach and the water there was very hot and the sand burned our feet. For the last few days in France we got a train up to Paris. We stayed in a different hotel in Paris for three days. We went to see the Eiffel Tower. It was really nice to see at night because it had so many lights. We also went to a big water park in Paris. It had five different slides and it also had a kids’ area. I went on all of the slides. They were so much fun. The weather was so nice, it was nearly thirty degrees one day. At the waterpark they also served really nice food and drinks. I also made a new friend called Laura. She was from Galway. I am still friendly with her today. The next day we had to go home. When we got to the airport we realised our plane was delayed for an hour. When we got back to Ireland it was so cold. My favourite thing we did on holiday was probably when we went to the waterpark because it was so  much fun going down the slides with Laura and I also liked going shopping too.

I had such a great time in France with my family and I would definitely go again.

Love Maeve